Pic Talk: Woman In Goddess Avatar Dispensing Face Masks

The ongoing pandemic has forced into a situation that made wearing a face mask mandatary to be safe from contacting the virus. However, the lion share of the public doesn't have access to masks and sanitizer and many of them don't have any idea about them.

Despite some states making it compulsory to wear a mask when they step out, people are not taking it seriously and roaming on the streets without wearing a face mask keeping everyone's health at risk.

However, the pandemic has inculcated a sense of care about fellow humans. Some people made it a habit to donate masks and sanitizers for those who are not having access to it.

To create awareness for the public to wear a face mask, a woman dresses up like Goddess Mariamman and donated masks to the people on the road and made them wear masks.

Though complete details of the woman are unknow, her pics of distributing masks to create awareness took social media by storm and netizens are showing praises for her acts.

India is currently the third worst-hit state in the country in terms of the spread of the virus and its high time, people should make a habit of wearing face masks while stepping out.
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