RGV's 'Power Star' To Release On The Special Day!

It is known that Ram Gopal Varma is making a film titled 'Power Star' and released pictures of the lead actor who resembles Pawan Kalyan. The film is expected to create some controversy and poke the Mega and Pawan fans.

Sources say that Varma took an old resort near Ramoji Film City and is doing all the work from there. He is making films within the available locations, limited crew and facilities. He set up a private studio for himself in Hyderabad as per sources which is making the production the cost very less.

Coming to 'Power Star', Varma chose a release date that is special for PK fans. The film is releasing on 24th July which is the exact same date when Pawan Kalyan's first big hit 'Tholi Prema' released back in 1998. Varma wrapped up most part of the shooting and let us see what surprises he embedded for us in this film which is releasing in RGV's own website.
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