Places Of Worship Damaged During Old Secretariat Demolition, KCR Express Regrets

The demolition works of the old Secretariat building in Telangana took an ugly turn with the temples and masjids witnessing damage partially after debris fell on the places of worship.

Soon after getting to know about this, Telangana CM KCR expressed his regret with the damage caused and said a new temple and mosque will be built and the government will bear the expenses.

"I feel sorry about the incident. It should not have happened. The government's intention is to build a new complex by demolishing the old buildings without causing any damage to the temple or the mosque," the official statement released in this regard read.

Talking about the same, KCR said he will soon chair a meeting with respective management of temple and mosque and their views will be taken into consideration while building the new places of worship.

KCR added that the construction of the places of worship would go hand in hand with the construction of the new Secretariat Building.

The High Court, which earlier, gave its nod to go ahead with the demolition of the old Secretariat complex, gave a stay order and directed the government to not continue the works until further orders.
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