Illegal Activities In the Name Of Geetha Arts!

Geetha Arts owned by the Allu family is one of the biggest production houses in Tollywood and everyone waits for a chance to work in this banner. Using this as an opportunity, some notorious criminals are using the name of Geetha Arts and doing some illegal activities.

They are luring the young women and wannabe actresses by saying that they will be getting a chance to work with stylish star Allu Arjun. These criminals are claiming themselves as designers and makeup in Geetha Arts and chatting with the girls and dragging them into a trap.

Known this, the team of Geetha Arts immediately reported it to Cyber crime department. The officials said that these men are saying that a Tamil film with Allu Arjun will be offered and asked the department to take serious action on these people who are using an esteemed banner name. Satya, the manager of Geetha Arts filed this complaint and the police are investigating it.
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