US President Firm On Reopening Schools

The Corona virus is on a surge in almost all the nations across the globe. Special mention is the USA. In this country the cases have already reached the 3 lakh mark and are in a medical emergency.

The latest news suggests that The President of the United States of America has threatened the schools to reopen as soon as possible,if not he would cut the federal funds to the schools, warned the president. He even said that this crisis is all about the democrats who are waiting for elections in the coming November. Until then they wanted to see a serious crisis alleged by Trump.

The US President is not at all caring about the safety norms for the reopening of schools as said by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It is evident that CDC has made stringent safety norms for children saying that they should wear a cloth mask and should have seperate seating that enables physical distance and Schools to be very cautious but as schools are not ready the President still insists to reopen schools taking the crisis lite!
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