Is Rajamouli Making A Mistake Again?

India's top director Rajamouli is a name that needs no introduction. His amazing storytelling and vision made him one of the biggest directors in India. People eagerly wait for his movies and he charges huge remuneration for his films.

What most of the people don't know is that Rajamouli was a producer to one of his films. He bankrolled 'Yamadonga' under his Vishwamitra Creations banner. The film was a big success but Rajamouli did not get enough money due to some unknown issues with his partners as per sources. After 'Yamadonga', Rajamouli never produced films as he found it a huge risk which he wasn't willing to take.

But reports suggest that he is going to restart his Vishwamitra Creations once again now. As per grapevine, he will be producing some interesting films and series on the web. As the OTT platforms are offering huge money in a single payment mode, he is planning to restart his production house. While the idea seems to be good, we need to wait and see how it works out.
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