RGV Drowns This Girl In Kisses!

Maverick director Ram Gopa Varma knows how to be in the news one way or the other. His publicity tactics are going over the board nowadays and people started to enjoy them nowadays. Varma recently gave some interesting poses with a hottie which is becoming viral on the internet.

Recently, Varma introduced Apsara Rani to the Telugu audience and her photos are creating storm on the internet. Varma shared some pictures where he is seen chilling with this Orissa born beauty and commented that his respect over Orissa grew because of this girl.

In these clicks, we can see Varma tightly hugging her and drowning her in kisses. The eccentric director showed his playboy side in these clicks and this beauty's followers increased rapidly as soon as these clicks came out.

Apsara worked in films like 'Ullala Ullala' and '4 Letters' before but she failed to get noticed. Varma met her during the audio launch of 'Ullala Ullala' and took her phone number. He is now working with her and started promoting her even before the release itself.
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