Why Did This Ex-Minister Run Away On Seeing Police?

Though TDP boss Chandrababu Naidu is claiming from the roof tops that his colleague and ex-minister Kollu Ravindra is innocent and spotlessly clean in the murder of senior YSRCP leader Moka Bhaskar Rao, several key question remain to be answered.

The murder of Moka Bhaskar Rao, considered political guru of minister Perni Nani, has created quite a sensation and those arrested in connection with the crime are all well-known TDP faces and are considered extremely close to former minister Kollu Ravindra. Chandrababu's argument that both Atchen Naidu and Kollu Ravindra are BCs is not cutting much ice as murdered leader Moka Bhaksar Rao too is a BC.  The biggest question that remained unanswered is why Kollu Ravindra tried to jump the wall and run away when the police came to arrest him. If he is innocent and not involved in this case, why did he try to run away? The YSRCP is raising the same question.

If he is innocent, he should have boldly faced the police and should have fought a legal battle. Why did he run away? This only shows his complicity, said minister Anil Kumar Yadav.
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