LG Polymers Case: High-Power Committee Tendered Its Report To Jagan

The high-power committee, that was constituted to probe into the tragic gas leakage that took place in LG Polymers Chemical plant in Vishakapatnam submitted its detailed report on the incident to CM YS Jagan Mohan Reddy.

Forest Department Special Secretary Neerab Kumar heads the high-power committee that carried out investigation from several aspects to know the reason behind the gas leakage.

The committee comprises of Special Chief Secretary R Karikal Valaven, Commissioner of Police RK Meena, Collector Vinay Chand and Andhra Pradesh Pollution Control Board Member-Secretary Vivek Yadav

The committee went to five villages that were worst-affected with the gas leakage before filing a detailed report. The committee looked into the involvement of various officials of the chemical plant.

To get a better understanding of this, the committee held meetings with the National Green Tribuna officials and petrochemical experts. Apart from them, others were also called for the meetings.

In addition to that, the panel of the high-power committee sent a list of questions, a questionnaire to the LG Polymers in this regard.

The tragic gas leakage that took place in V.V. Venkatapuram village of Visakhapatnam in the LG Polymers Chemical plant resulted in 13 people losing their lives including minors. Hundreds of people were exposed to toxic gas directly and hospitalized accordingly.
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