Popular Anchor Denies Corona Rumours On Her

Of late, There's no stopping the rumors on social media about celebrities testing positive for Coronavirus. As TV artists started testing positive, everyone in the industry became alert about the pandemic.

On the latest news came that the ace anchor and actress Jhansi has tested positive for Coronavirus and the news spread like a wildfire. Jhansi has shunned the rumors as baseless and said that she is under isolation only as a precautionary measure as she has participated in a TV shoot recently. It is evident that she lives with her old age parents and thus she is extra cautious about their safety.

Considering the great wave she brought in TV show hosting and anchoring,she is treated like a genius and multifaceted. Her latest film 'Krishna and his Leela' in which she played the role of hero's mother has gone well with the audience and has become the first hit on OTT releases from Telugu.
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