What's The Reason Behind ICMR's Confidence On Vaccine

In the wake of the rapid growth of infections in India, biomedical research agency, Indian Council of Medical Research(ICMR) earlier announced that a  Made-in-India vaccine to cure the disease will be out by August 15th.

These claims from the ICMR kick-started a controversy with criticism from several concerns on how come the research body can announce te potential vaccine without any evidence as human trails of the vaccine is a lengthy process.

Quite a contradiction to the claims if ICMR, WHO earlier announced it will take not less than one year to come up with a potential vaccine for the pandemic, while Britain University said the Human trials might reach the final stage by October.

Surprisingly, the ICMR which sounded a bit confident about bringing the vaccine by following all the standards took a U-turn and said it did not set a deadline for the vaccine on August 15th.

It added, their main aim is to finish the human trails fastly given the urgency to stop the spread of the virus as soon as possible.
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