Will This Be The End Of Overseas Market For Tollywood?

The overseas market has been one of the biggest revenue generators for Tollywood from the past two decades. Big films used to collect millions of dollars which helped the producers a lot. But the OTT platforms grew rapidly in the past few years and it affected the overseas market.

The small and medium films were streamed within months of its release which made the abroad audience lose interest in going to the theatres. The overseas distributors negotiated with the producers and even discussed not allowing digital platforms to stream the films within one month of its release. The overseas distributors had a great start to 2020 and hoped to continue the same run during the summer too as some interesting films were lined up. But their entire plans were shattered by the virus outbreak.

The complete shut down of theatres forced the audience to turn towards the OTT platforms for entertainment and the became so popular now that filmmakers of small and medium films are opting for direct releases instead of waiting for the theatrical release. Even after theatres reopen, people may not be enthusiastic to watch the film in theatres and OTT reached many and it is surprising everyone with its new content and quick releases all the time. The overseas audience are not like our regular audience. They watch the film only if the talk is good and why will they watch a film by spending tens of dollars while they can watch it for free on OTT platforms? Experts are saying that the overseas market will be seriously affected now. Let us wait and see what happens.
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