This Is How Modi, Rajnath Choreographed Leh Visit

Not just India, but the whole world is now debating Prime Minister Narendra Modi's surprise visit to Leh and Nimu the other day, where he braved inclement weather conditions and addressed the jawans deployed in the forward areas. The element of surprise and subterfuge that Modi adopted is being talked about.

But, the fact is that it was a well-planned move. The biggest thing is that this was very well planned and most carefully executed. Most importantly, it was kept a top secret. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh was kept in the loop all through. As per Modi's plan, Rajnath was made to announce that he would be visiting Leh on June 2. Only Modi and Singh knew about the real plan. In the last minute, Rajnath announced the cancellation of his visit. Even as the media was speculating the reasons for the cancellation, came the news that Modi was on his way to Leh. What happened next is now history.

This shows the perfect understanding and coordination between both Modi and Singh. Also, Rajnath Singh was the first to laud Modi on going to Leh and making those scintillating speeches that are now the talk of the town.
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