Venkaiah Naidu Remembered These Two Gurus On Gurupurnima Day

Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has not forgotten his Gurus even at this stage of his life. Though he is enjoying the power and pelf of the post of vice-president, Venkaiah Naidu has recalled the gurus who shaped his life.  

On Gurupurnima, he recalled their contribution in shaping his personality  and making him what he is today. Venkaiah Naidu remembered two persons who shaped his life. He recalled the contribution of Somepalli Somaiah and Bhogadi Durga Prasad. Relatively unknown, these two persons are RSS leaders in Andhra Pradesh. Somaiah was the chief of the undivided Andhra Pradesh unit of RSS for over 33 years and was a fulltimer for over 50 days. Durgaprasad too is an RSS pracharak of high standing and has died while protecting youths from firing during the Jai Andhra Agitation in 1970s. All through his youth, Venkaiah Naidu stayed in RSS offices and pursued both education and organisational activities.

Venkaiah said these two leaders had honed his leadership skills and shaped his personality. Venkaiah also remembered his grandparents Seshamma and Narasaiah Naidu, who raised him after his mother passed away when he was barely 15 months.
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