The Public Is Not Fearing Pandemic Any More

Whenever any pandemic lasts for too long, people will start losing the fear of the pandemic gradually. The prevailing conditions prove this theory. The public stopped to consider the virus serious.

One more incident surfaced in Hyderabad to add more significance. A Jewelry merchant who hails celebrated his birthday in a lavish way that resulted in two people losing their lives.

Jewelry Merchant who threw birthday party succumbed to the dreaded virus. Along with him, his friend who attended the party too breathed his last life battling the fatal disease.

He paid a huge price for his negligent behavior, as both the families suffered the loss of life. He invited as many as 150 people attended the birthday celebrations breaking the lockout norms.

After the party, the merchant developed symptoms of cough and restlessness. Upon reaching the hospitals, doctors advised him to undergo pandemic tests as a safety measure.

He batted a blind eye for the doctor's advice and didn't go for the pandemic tests. With his health degrading slowly he was admitted to the hospital five days back and he succumbed to the virus three days back.

Following this, the authorities and health officials started tracing the details of invitees and other people who might have come in contact with them.
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