Awe Director Is The First To Dare Crisis

Director Prashanth Varma has impressed with his first film 'Awe' itself. The second film Kalki was also appreciated for its quality. Now this young Director is making a film on Corona virus which has already completed 40 percent of its shoot.

Prashanth Varma who is shifting genres for each film is gearing up all his strength with this project! He is the pioneer to shoot in this crisis time with utmost safety with big machines that spill sanitizer to the cast and crew. Later other director Ravi Babu followed the foot steps of Prashanth Varma.

The cast and crew of the film is kept a secret.The teaser of his latest film on Corona virus is made available through Apple Tree Productions in You Tube. Let's hope the Director succeeds in his endeavour this time in a big way!             
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