Ace Comedian Rubbishes Rumours About His Small Screen Debut

The Comedy King of Tollywood, Brahmanandam has had his share of the sweet and bitter experiences of his life and gave a shocker to the audience. It was about his debut on a small screen and that too in a daily soap but that turned just baseless as the comedian rubbished the entry into small screen as baseless.

The actor is said to have suffered a heart attack recently and is said to be using the time purely for the family purpose enjoying with his grandson Partha and shared that he has become a voracious reader of sorts in this crisis time by reading Bible, Quran and Gita.

 Brahmanandam has achieved all the heights in Comedy Kingdom of Tollywood! His life and journey stands tall and Inspirational.

Audience are hoping all well for Brahmanandam's career in the upcoming days. Let's hope he gains the fandom as  Cinema flourishes!
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