Noted Producer Passes Away Due To Corona!

The deadly Coronavirus is spreading very fast in our country. The situation is getting worse with each passing day and the number of cases is increasing rapidly which is sending shivers down the spines of everyone. Not just the common people but well-known personalities are also getting affected by this virus.

Recently, noted producer Pookuri Ramarao passed away due to COVID-19. After testing positive for the virus, Pookuri Ramarao was admitted in a private hospital in Hyderabad. Despite the best efforts from the doctors, Ramarao died yesterday evening leaving all his family members in tears.

Along with his elder brother Pookuri Baburao, they produced many hit films under their 'Ee Tharam Films' like 'Yagnam', 'Ranam', and others. A lot of film personalities expressed their condolences over Ramarao's unexpected demise.
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