26 Judicial Staff In AP High Court Tests virus Positive

The ongoing pandemic continues to ring the danger bells in Andhra Pradesh as high-rank cases were also being reported despite many measures taken by the government.

After high-rank cases, Andhra Pradesh High Court has also been reporting fresh cases now and then.

In a fresh development, 26 employees and staff members contacted the virus. The authorities have been testing the employees and staff members for the virus after the High Court registrar succumbed to teh dreaded virus.

In-charge registrar-general Gandham Sunitha wrote a letter to the judicial officers in this letter. In the letter, she said, J.K. Maheshwari is personally monitoring the treatment given to the infected staff members.

All the infected staff members are observing home-lazaretto as per the guidelines issued. The lazaretto period will last for not less than 14 days.

Earlier, 16 employees, staff members tested positive for the respiratory disease. The new development marks the highest infections detect at the High Court in a single day so far.
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