Change Of Genre From Varma, Goes To Horror This Time!

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is churning out one film after the other these days. He is not working on the content but looking at films as a mere business opportunity as he announced more than half a dozen films during the lockdown period.

He recently released some erotic films with adult-content like 'Climax' and 'Naked'. Now, he is shifting back to his favourite genre which is horror. Varma is known for his terrifying films like 'Raat' and 'Bhoot'. Adding to that list, he announced a psychological horror flick called '12'O Clock'.

The poster itself makes it clear that Varma is only again using his formula of mixing adult content with some spooky elements along with his trademark camera angles and loud background score. The most interesting part of this poster is that it says music is given by legendary MM Keeravani. The 'RRR' music composer lastly gave music for RGV for 'God Sex Truth (GST)'.
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