Corona Is Still The Most Searched Word On Google

What's the most searched word on the social media in Google search engine? No marks for guessing! It's about Corona. Yes. The netizens searched frantically to know more about the pandemic and the efforts to control it across the globe.

Indian netizens were more interested in knowing about Corona than anything else in the month of June. Questions like – Which is the best mask for Corona, how New Zealand managed to win over Corona, what are the symptoms of a corona attack, the death toll due to Corona and as to how many days the symptoms of Corona persist are the most frequently typed ones on the Google search engine. But, compared to May, the number of searches has come down by 66 per cent. Despite that the search for info on Corona continues to top the chart.  Among the most searched questions are – when will the Corona scare end and when will India produce a vaccine for it.

Interestingly, in the month of February,when the world first came to know about Covid 19, fewer Indians had searched for information about the virus. It is only after the Janata Curfew that the people became interested in knowing about it.
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