TS Government Directs Private Labs To Not Conduct Pandemic Test For 4 Days

In a quick turn of events, the Telangana government led by Chief Minister Kalvakuntla Chandrashekhar Rao directed the private labs to halt the pandemic tests. However, the reason for this unknown.

This marks the second instance of the government ordering the private hospitals do not conduct the tests to detect the respiratory disease in a span of one week time.

The new halting of the pandemic tests will be lasting for four days in the state. Though the reason is unknown, the concerned authorities asked the private labs in the state to pause the pandemic tests.

With the state government giving its nod for the private labs to conduct the pandemic tests, many issues erupted and the labs collecting heavy prizes are surely one of them.

Along with the high prices, private labs' failure to conduct the tests accurately forced the government to stop the pandemic tests for two days. However, the tests which were resumed on Tuesday saw a p[use within two days.

Looks like, the state government failed to make a coherent decision to get the situation under control. The government is taking quite confounding decisions regularly leaving the public in a state of confusion. The government is not even considering the High Court's order also.
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