Star Hero's Unnecessary Promotions Going Overboard!

There is a limit to everything and it looks like this star hero and his team are crossing them. He is considered one of the top stars in South India has a huge following. He started this year on a grand note with a good hit and this hero even announced his new project.

The star hero and his team are going overboard in terms of promotions during these lockdown days. As there are no films, the pictures and videos of him chilling out with his kids on bed, giving a bath to them and playing with them are getting immensely shared. Letting them out through social media pages is one thing but sharing them with newspapers and television channels and demanding them to write articles on them is looking a bit weird as per many people.

Film Nagar circles are wondering why this star hero with a huge craze is following these silly publicity tactics. They are saying that this doesn't stop with one hero and another star hero is also trying to copy these tactics. Though the second hero is not going completely over the top like the first star hero, this mania is getting out of hand as per many.
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