Naga Babu Gives A Shocking Reaction To Niharika's Marriage!

The news of Niharika's wedding with Chaitanya Jonnalagadda went completely viral as soon as they made it official. Recently Niharika's father and Mega brother Naga Babu made some interesting comments on her daughter's marriage.

Despite the Coronavirus spreading its wings across the world, wedding bells are continuously ringing in Tollywood. Nikhil got married and Nithiin got engaged and is waiting for the right date. Rana made his relationship with Miheeka Bajaj official and the wedding preparations are currently on. Niharika Konidela also revealed his future husband to everyone.

When questioned about how the preparations are going on for his daughter's marriage, Nagababu replied that it their family matter but not a public event. This reply shocked everyone. He later said that all the details will be revealed once the engagement is done. He added that the wedding may not be a grand affair considering the current circumstances and it will be done following all the rules government laid. Nagababu said that only the close family members will be present at the wedding. Niharika tried her luck as a heroine in Tollywood but did not succeed while her brother Varun Tej turned into a crazy hero.
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