I Was Kept In Terrorist Ward And Questioned For 16-17 Hours: Sreesanth

Veteran Indian speedster S Sreesanth who was suspended from the Indian National team on the changers of spot-fixing recalled the interrogation days and how he was treated.

The Fast bowler who participated in an Instagram live session with Adarsh Raman remembered all the incidents and said for 12 days straight he was questioned for 16-17 hours every day

He added that he was kept in a terrorist ward by the authorities and they used to question him for 16-17 hours and his family and wife Bhuvneshwari Kumari played a crucial role in his life who motivated him in the tough times.

The Kerala cricketer also spoke about the tragic incident of Actor Sushant Singh Rajput who committed suicide a while ago.

He said when he was training his wife messaged him about the tragic incident, but he didn't check the message. when he was on the way to his home, he received a voice message from his wife.
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