Former Indian Cricketer Slams China Over New Virus

With the Chinese researchers warning of the new flu virus found in pigs in China, people from various sections expressed their concern in this regard. Former Indian Cricketer Harbhajan Singh too joined the list.

Harbhajan, popularly known as turbanator, took to Micro-blogging site Twitter to slam the Dragon Country China for making ready another virus, while the world is still struggling to find the ongoing pandemic.

In his Tweet, Harbhajan said, while the whole world is still finding it difficult to combat the ongoing pandemic, they have readied a mysterious virus.

In recent times, Harbhajan Singh has been very vocal towards Dragon China. Be it the ongoing pandemic or violent standoff in Eastern China, the Veteran Player is not mincing his words.

He even openly supported the banning of Chinese products in India. He maintained that in order to be self-reliant, the boycott is probably the right thing and Indi has the potential to manufactures things.
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