Officer In AP Thrashed An Impaired Woman After She Asked To Wear Mask

An impaired woman was attacked by a man who renders his services as a Deputy Manager in  Andhra Pradesh Tourism development. This shocking incident created a stir after the visuals went viral on social media.

The disgraceful incident took place in the Nellore district where the manager lost his cool, with the victim allegedly asking him to wear a medical mask. The superiority complex triggered the Manager to attack the victim.

The Manager who couldn't digest an employee working under him asking him to wear a mask with the spread of the virus started beating her. The CCTV visuals which went viral on social media showed the brutality of the incident.

He dragged the differently-abled woman and pulled her down to the ground and started hitting her with an iron rod.

The authorities have identified the differently-abled victim as Usha Rani and the Deputy Manager as C. Bhaskar It is believed that the incident took place two days ago, but hit the headlines lately.

Based on the CCTV Visuals, the AP Disha Police lodged a complaint and took Bhaskar into custody. After the victim complained about the assault, preliminary charges were taken.
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