125 Crores Deal Set For 'Laxmi Bomb'!

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar's upcoming movie 'Laxmi Bomb' which is a remake of 2011 hit film 'Kanchana' directed by Raghava Lawrence was almost ready for release but the virus outbreak shattered its plans. With the OTT platforms buying interesting films for fancy rates, the makers of 'Laxmi Bomb' are selling this film to Disney Plus as per sources.

Apparently, Disney Hotstar bought the film for a whopping 125 crores and pundits say that it is the costliest buy of any OTT platform. As it is an Akshay Kumar film, there is no shock in these numbers but a few experts say that this horror-comedy would have earned more than 300 cores if it had a theatrical release. They say that the makers of 'Laxmi Bomb' should have waited till the theatres reopened as it would have minted more money than what it is sold for now.

Anyway, the OTT platforms are becoming more popular in Bollywood and the filmmakers are also leaning towards the digital space. This trend is picking up pace in the South too but it still has a long way to go compared to North in terms of making full use of the digital medium.
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