Lockdown Scores A Centure, Still Batting Strongly

Tuesday marks the 100th day of the lockdown in the country. Though the government has put in place an unlocking method, there is lockdown in several parts of the country and there is a likelihood of another phase of lockdown being introduced again. Even Telangana is staring at a possible lockdown in the first week of July.

Thanks to the lockdown, even at the end of June, the total deaths are around 16000, which in itself is a major achievement. Also, 80 per cent  of the cases are limited to just eight states. This too is no mean achievement. While the number of deaths per a million in the Europe is 600, in the US, it is 360, it is just 12 in India. This again is a creditable achievement. Maharashtra, Delhi and Telangana are the states which are causing lot of concern to the country. However, the cases are still rising across the country. Though countries like Sri Lanka, Bhutan and 34 others have managed to leash in the pandemic, several countries like the US,India, Germany, UK and France are still in the grip of the virus.

While the lockdown is being lifted phase-wise, there are still concerns about the spread if the pandemic. The people, who are coming out in large numbers are throwing caution to winds and as a result, the virus is spreading. Now that the world has completed 100 days, let's hope that we will soon overcome it.
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