Fadeout Beauties Dream To Make It Big In Crisis Time

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in an economic crisis all over the World. Tollywood is no exception and already few producers are feeling the heat!

The latest news doing rounds in Telugu Film Nagar is all about the possible ways to resume shootings of the stalled films after the lockdown eases.

Now the producers have chalked all the plans for a safe shooting environment and all the production units are working with a minimum crew after government approval came in.

The senior beauties of Tollywood who are not in much demand are said to be on high alert to pick opportunities as the in demand actresses are not at all daring. Now this senior beauties dare are also is said to be not working as the other cast of happening lead actors films are not interested to risk it.

On the other side,many of the young actors are said to be fearing the Corona pandemic as they have deal with crew closely while makeup and in the intimate scenes too which cannot be canned with the physical distance and so called measures. Moreover, stars do not want to risk themselves and their families as of now!
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