Koratala In A New Role

The troubles for the filming of Megastar Chiranjeevi's ambitious project with director Koratala Siva seems to never end. It is said that Director Koratala Siva is planning to be a script advisor to a famous production house now. Siva has lost two years of his most productive work for just one film with Megastar Chiranjeevi.

Sources said that unable to be idle the star director has approved to be script advisor and thus he would get a royalty income and profit percentage when the projects release!

Earlier, sources claimed that Chiru asked Koratala to extend the role of Ram Charan, add some elevation scenes and at least two songs. The Director has now come up with a 40 minutes role for Ram Charan which includes a song and fight sequence and has an actress too by his side.

Chiranjeevi is said to believe that this kind of roles come once in a lifetime and have to catch the opportunity when it comes and that is the power of content given by Koratala Siva ended the Megastar.

Moreover, the starring of Megastar and Ram Charan may not happen as often as possible and takes years for the right script. Chiranjeevi is all set to make his fans happy by starring alongside his son in 'Aacharya'.
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