What Did Renu Desai Say About Mega Family To Akira?

Pawan Kalyan's ex-wife Renu Desai is a strong woman who never hesitates to speak her heart. She boldly speaks about social issues, politics, film-related news, and others through her social media handles. She is very active on the internet.

She even spoke openly about her split up in her marriage very sensitively through a video that went viral in the past. She claims that she likes the village atmosphere and revealed some interesting facts about her life.

Renu Desai recently spoke about her son Akira Nandan and his rumored entry into the film industry. The 'Badri' actress said that Akira is just 16 years old and has a lot of future ahead of him. Renu Desai claimed she often tells Akira that it is very important to live life as a true human being before everything else. She added that she gives full support to Akira no matter what field he chooses to pursue his career.

She suggested Akira not to feel pressurized by the fact that he comes from a big film family and asked him not to become a hero just because of the Mega family tag. She said that she always tells him to do what his heart wants. With the recent clarification, she put an end to all the rumors about Akira's entry in Tollywood as a hero.
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