Biggest Theater Chain To Close Its Business Operation!

America has coped up really well and that too at a brisk pace from the pandemic. It’s been few weeks that the country went for  total lockdown. Now slowly the states have resumed the businesses of all kinds from Restaurants to Movie Theaters.  

News Sources in America tell that the Theater Owners have had a difference of opinion among themselves. The big theater chains didn't risk opening of theaters as it could not even earn them the maintenance amount from the so called 25% occupancy.

The single screen theaters and small theaters have decided to open with 25% occupancy as it would provide them few bucks to survive and revive their business.

On the latest, the biggest theater chain AMC has decided that if the crisis continues like this without the situation of running a theater for movies, then they would be bankrupt and close the business said a news source publishing the excerpts of the AMC meeting with the financiers and investors.

AMC has about 1000 theaters in USA and Europe and thus they are running in a crisis and feel like end has come for us if the OTTs lure the exhibition industry said their report. Let's see how far AMC pulls the journey through these tough times!

After the pandemic Corona broke out, it has created nightmares for economy proving industries and Movie industry is one of the most affected. All the movie stars across the globe have postponed their shoots and started social distancing. Most of the actors remained isolated in their homes to save themselves. Indian Movie Industry also came to a shutdown fearing the outbreak.
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