NTR Does Not Encourage This Behaviour From His Fans!

The controversy involving Meera Chopra and fans of Jr NTR is creating a storm in Tollywood. With the 'Bangaram' actress taking this issue to the notice of National Commission for Women (NCW) and police department, people who made those filthy comments on her claiming that they are NTR's fans went underground.

Ever since this news came out, many people started panning NTR for staying silent and not controlling his fans. Even Meera Chopra tagged him in her tweet and demanded him to be proactive and control his fans. But NTR never supports such behaviour and people forgot that he spoke against such violent and unruly behaviour a long time ago. He claims that people who indulge in such abusive activities are not his fans. Despite his strong statements in the past, many people are still criticising him over the Meera Chopra issue.

It is a fact that NTR cannot be held responsible for the actions of these notorious people who claim be his fans. The Nandamuri hero is always known for showcasing immense respect to women and doesn't appreciate these kinds of behaviour from others as well. He cannot respond to every issue and he chose to let the law take its own course and hoping that the people who did this gets punished.
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