India Continues To Suffer From Pandemic

The spread of the dreaded virus is ringing danger bells in India as the count of the cases surpassed 2.26 lakh-mark. India straight away reported more than 9000 cases for the second consecutive day.

On the other hand, 273 fatalities were recorded in India. This marks the highest single-day fatalities so far. The total fatality count in India reached 6,348 with this.

On a brighter side, 1.09 lakh patients managed to recover from the contagious disease so far. The active cases in India stood at 110,960 which translates to around 48% of the total infections in India.

Maharashtra and Delhi reported 2,933 and 1,300 fresh cases in the past 24 hours respectively The total toll of the cases reached 77,793 in Maharashtra and 25,004 in Delhi.

Gujarat also reported 495 fresh cases of the virus which takes the toll of the infections in the state to 18,584.

Andhra Pradesh reported 141 fresh infections and the count of the positive cases surpassed the 4k mark and stood at 4,112. The fatalities jumped to 71 with three more fatalities reported.

On the other hand, Telangana reported 127 fresh cases on Thursday along with six fatalities. This takes the count of the positive cases in the state to 3,147 and the fatalities stood at 105.
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