Will He Be Our Next Finance Minister?

Is Nirmala Sitharaman going to be removed as the finance minister of the country? The buzz in the capital is that there is deep dissatisfaction at the way the all-important finance ministry is being handled. The chatterati are speaking in hushed tones about Modi's disenchantment over Nirmala Sitharaman's performance.

Sources say that her handling of the covid package implementation and the mode of work has been quite disappointment. They also revealed that several biggies in the industrial sector have refused to attend the pre-budget consultations if Nirmala chairs the meeting.  There are complaints that her awareness levels are way too below the expectations and there have been frequent complaints about the way the things are being handled. There are also demands that she be replaced. If highly placed sources are to be believed, Modi too appears to be inclined to shift her to some other ministry.

If the reports we are getting are true, then Nirmala could soon be sent to some other ministry. The question is who will replace her? If sources are to be believed, Brics Bank chairperson KV Kamath is said to be the hot favourite. He is known to be a very respected name in the field of economy and finances.
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