Cyber Crime Police File Case On This Star's Fans

The ongoing pandemic has called for a slowdown in many countries. Every business is at stake these days and all are advised to stay home. Actors and actresses who are busy all the days with shootings and travelling across the globe are now limited to their home. Actresses know how to keep themselves and their fans busy in this break time.

Meera Chopra, the fadeout actress and cousin of Priyanka Chopra is busy on social media to pass her time in this break hours. In the last week she had a chat session and said in a answer that she is fan of Mahesh Babu and not NTR. She said that she is not familiar with NTR films.

The hurt fans of NTR trolled her and used abusive remarks on her. The actress expressed her grief on Twitter and filed complains to Women Welfare Associations. The Cyber Crime Police have filed a complaint and booked cases against the perpetrators citing the misconduct towards a lady and disrespecting her in several sections. Let's see how the case turns up after all this ruckus on social media!
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