Indian Turns Hero In The United States

The death of Africa American George Floyd resulted in nationwide protests in the United States. The incident triggered violent protests as George Floyd lost his life while he was in police custody in Minneapolis.

As a result public from the various parts of the nation including Minneapolis, where the sad incident took place protested against the incident which took a violent turn.

With the protests taking a violent turn, police took action against the protesters. When police were nearing a group, an Indian origin businessman came to their rescue and the protestors took refugee at his home.

Rahul Dube who has Indian origins has been residing in Washington DC for 17 years who is the owner of a trading company. When he saw a group of people in trouble he provided accommodation and all the required food for them in his house which turned him a hero.

If the media reports are to be believed there are small children and mothers too in the refugees who were lent a helping hand by Dube. Everyone has lauded the efforts of the hero.

When everyone is fearing the situations, Dube not thinking much about the consequences and provided shelter for the refugees. Even the local media carried out news stories on Dube.
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