Issue Is Power Bill Protest Is Near IT Office

See what has become of the CPI. At one time, it was a potent political force.  It used to get a significant number of votes. The agitations it used to organise were huge affairs with staggeringly high turnouts. But the other day, the CPI took out a protest with just 20 persons in attendance.

That's not the end of the story. The protest was led by party's national leader Dr Narayana and state secretary Chada Venkat Reddy. With such biggies, the party could muster just 20 people. But, wait for the biggest shock. The protest was held on the issue of the proposed electricity bill of the Narendra Modi government.  Know, where the protest was held? It was held in front of the Income Tax office. The reason? There is no Central electrical office in Hyderabad. So they wanted to protest in front of a Central Government office. The nearest office of the Central Government was in Basheerbagh. So, the party leaders came to Basheerbagh from Himayat Nagar and staged a dharna.

This way the Left is reducing itself to a joke. Already it has been completely marginalised in politics. There are no new recruitments to the party. Over and above these is the party's blind anti-Modi attitude. The last straw is the poor turnout of barely 20 people. Where is India's Left going?
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