Vani Kapoor Shows Maturity And Patience!

Being patient and matured is not an easy task. People easily tend to get their emotions the better of them. This will lead to a lot of problems and that is why elders advise us to stay controlled. Being able to control ourselves makes us a better person and brings respect in the society.

Bollywood actress Vani Kapoor recently stayed cool and calm in a tricky situation. She recently had a question and answer session on social media and a netizen made some uncomfortable remarks on her body. Many heroines bash that guy on social media but Vani Kapoor decided to take a soft approach and did not lose her balance.

She said that person to think with his heart and asked him to not hate anyone. This reply from this gorgeous lady is winning everyone's hearts and people are praising her ability. Vani Kapoor lastly sizzled in a brief role in Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff's 'War'. She is currently acting in another Yash Raj movie which will be released next year
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