Trouble In Karnataka BJP? Did 20 MLAs Meet Siddu?

Is all not well in the Karnataka BJP? Are some BJP MLA in the state in touch with former CM and Congress boss Siddaramaiah? Is there a plan to dethrone Yeddiyurappa and bring back the Congress to power? Is the Janata Dal too a part of this conspiracy?

The other day, former Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah dropped a bombshell when he said that at least 20 BJP MLAs were in touch with him and that they were not happy with the way the government is functioning in the state. They are upset with Yeddiyurappa's ways. He however, said that he has no intention of topping the BJP government and form a government of his own. But, this was signal enough that all is not well in Karnataka BJP. Sources say Yeddiyurappa himself is fanning dissidence and instability so that the party high command falls in line and gives him a free hand. Yeddyurappa feels that the high command is not favourably inclined towards him and is encouraging the dissidents.To offset this, the chief minister himself is floating these rumours of dissidence to force the high command.

What surprises many is the fact that those whose names are being touted as dissidents are actually Yeddiyurappa supporters. Some of them had resigned their MLA posts for him. So, there is no reason why they should rebel. Yet if they are rebelling, there could be only one explanation. It is that they are doing this at the behest of Yeddiyurappa.
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