Why did Chandrababu Leave AP In Such A Hurry?

Why did Chandrababu run away posthaste from Undavalli? After speding nearly 70 days in Hyderabad during the lockdown, Chandrababu made a hue and cry and sought permission to visit Andhra Pradesh. The request was specifically for consoling the victims of the Vizag gas leak. But, though he had spent three days in AP, he did not visit Vizag.  He literally scampered away from AP after two days.

The reason? Highly placed sources say that Chandrababu Naidu got wind of the fact that the Government was planning to book some cases against him for violating the lockdown norms. He greeted gatherings at two or three places while on his way to Undavalli. Norms like social distancing were thrown to winds. He felt that the YSRCP government would book cases and arrest him. So afraid was Chandrababu that he simply left his house on the Krishna river bund in haste and returned to Hyderabad, which is like a safe haven for him. He did not even think of visiting Vizag and console the victims of the gas leak.

Sources said that cases were registered against both Chandrababu Naidu and his son Lokesh for violating the shutdown norms. One wonders why Chandrababu, who managed to wriggle out of tougher cases about his properties, was so afraid of staying in Undavalli.
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