Indian Techie Gets Paid By Apple For Detecting A Major Bug

American multinational technology company Apple is well-known for its secured products which also aims largely at the privacy of the users. Users don't even bother to spend huge money to buy Apple products going with the user privacy offered by the products.

But Indian Techie Bhavuk Jian proved that Apple products too have loopholes and detected a huge loophole in 'Sign In with Apple' feature provided by the company and got awarded  $100,000 by the company in return.

The techie has found out that the login system comes has a bug and this enables the hacker to break into any user account which has the credibility to break the user privacy offered by the company.

The 'Sign In with Apple' service was launched by the tech giant in the year 2019 as a step to block bots from tracking the movements of the users of Apple products.

Bhavuk Jian who detected the bug in the Apple system works as a full-stack developer and is aiming at making the Internet a safe place for everyone through his works. He was paid  $100,000(over ₹75.5 lakh) under the Apple Security Bounty programme.
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