How Can 'RRR' Starting Shooting With 50 Member Crew?

Now that the shootings are beginning again, the government's rules and restrictions need to be followed at all costs.

Kerala and Maharashtra governments have permissions for shootings and these industries started to get back to work but with only 50 members and 65 members respectively.

Even the Telangana government strictly said that not more than 50 members should be present on the sets and physical distance should be maintained compulsorily. It will be okay for regular films but what about a grand flick like 'RRR'?

Rajamouli is known for making big films with huge crowds. His films need a lot of people on the sets as they include heavy action scenes, gatherings etc. People are curious to know how Rajamouli would continue the film's shooting now. But he is the one to come up with a specific plan for shooting in these circumstances to explain it to the government.

So, Rajamouli has everything planned out and he will be resuming the shooting of 'RRR' in no time. This is a humongous project which was supposed to hit the screens on 8th January 2021. But, with the current rules, the team may not be able to release the film on time. The prime focus of Rajamouli is on completing the film first and then think about the release date. The film was sold for record rates and we need to see how Rajamouli manages to earn big money this time.
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