Modi popular Even In AP, Odisha, But Unpopular In Haryana

Here's something very interesting. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is extremely popular in states where the regional parties are ruling. While his approval ratings in BJP-ruled states remain at an all-time high, his popularity is soaring even in Congress and regional party-ruled states. This shows that when it comes to the Government at the Centre, Narendra Modi has now competition.

In Odisha, which according to the latest C Voter-IANS survey conducted in May last week, a staggering 95.6 per cent people root for Narendra Modi. Similarly, in Andhra Pradesh, while 78.01 per cent of the voters want YS Jagan back as CM, a staggering 83.6 per cent of the voters want Modi at the Centre.  In fact, Odisha, Himachal and Chhattisgarh have overwhelmingly voted for Modi. Of these, only Himachal is BJP ruled state. Jharkhand, Telangana and Maharashtra – all having non- Congress governments –have rooted for Modi. In fact, 71.51 per cent of the voters in Telangana will vote for Modi if elections are held today.  It's only in Tamil Nadu (32.89 %) and Kerala (32.15 %) that Modi had not been able to get past the 50 per cent mark.

Thus, if elections are held today for the Lok Sabha, the BJP would not just retain his numbers, but can even improve upon it. But, there are warning bells for Modi and his BJP. In states like Goa and Haryana, which are currently ruled by the BJP, the approval ratings are quite low and this is  an alarming situation for the party. In Jammu and Kashmir state, where the Governor's rule is on, the BJP's approval ratings are at the lowest.
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