Pro-TDP Group Gets Active In AP BJP

A section of the BJP continues to work for the TDP despite the fact that the TDP is out of power and cannot come back to power anytime soon. The TDP loyalists in BJP continue to work to protect the interests of the TDP. Take for instance the case against ex-State Election Commissioner Ramesh Kumar.

In this case, former minister and BJP's controversial leader Kamineni Srinivas has approached the court on the pretext of protecting the honour of the constitutional positions. He also filed a caveat in this case after the High Court gave its verdict. What more, he claimed that he has the permission from state BJP president Kanna Lakshminarayana. He also claimed that he has kept national president JP Nadda in the loop on this issue.  This created an impression that the BJP high command is opposed to he YSRCP and in favour of the election commissioner, who is known to be pro-TDP.

This was happening despite the fact that the BJP national leadership enjoys the best of relations with the YSRCP. At least one senior YSRCP MP is almost always in touch with the BJP top leadership. Yet, some local BJP leaders are working hands in glove with the TDP leaders.
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