Positive Cases Of Pandemic Surpass 2 Lakh-Mark In India

The positive cases of the ongoing pandemic continue to ring danger bells on the spread of the virus with the cases surpassing 2 lakh. India straightaway reported more than 8k cases for three consecutive days.

On the other hand, as much as 205 fatalities were reported by the states in the past 24 hours which makes the total toll of the fatalities connected with the virus to 5,598.

What's even more shocking is that it took only 15 days for India to reach 2 lakh cases from one lakh cases. These figures show us how rapidly the virus is spreading its deadly wings.

Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Delhi continue to face the wrath of the dreaded virus and the states report around half of the total infection in the country.

Maharashtra alone has more then 72,000 positive cases and over 2,460 fatalities were reported due to the virus. Out of the newly reported cases, 2,287 cases were reported from Maharashtra only.

Looking at the way positive cases reported in India, it took around 66 days to witness 50k cases for the first time while it only took 12 days to increase the cases from 50,000 to 100,000.

India currently is the seventh worst-affected nation in the world due to the pandemic, while the US is still at the top slot. The data collected by the John Hopkins said that  Brazil, Russia, the UK, Spain, and Italy are the nations that are worst-hit after the US.
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