Telangana Formation Day: Quick Look At The State Formation History

Today marks the sixth Telangana Formation Day which is celebrated after Telangana state was officially carved out of Andhra Pradesh in 2014 making it the second Telugu state.

The Telangana bill was put forth in Rajya Sabha by the then ruling Congress Party and even the BJP and some other opposition parties supported the bill and it got passed paving a way for the state formation.

On the 4th of March, 2014 the Indian Government officially declared the state bifurcation and June 2nd has been celebrated as the formation for six years. Let's look at the quick history of the Telangana state.

Three Public movements to repeal the merger of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh when the latter was formed as a state on the grounds of the linguistic basics took place in 1969, 1972 and 2009.

The movement started in 2009 saw huge support from the public as well as the many government employees who even resigned to their jobs and took part in the agitation.

The agitations for the state took a violent turn when K. Chandrasekhar Rao who is currently serving as the Chief Minister of Telangana went for strike till death. Congress party which was then in power agreed to divide the state.

Telangana became the 29th state in the county which is also the eight largest economies in the country. 
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