Seven Medicos Test Positive For The Virus

In a much shocker, seven junior doctors treating the positive patients of the dreaded virus got infected with the virus. All these medicos are from Osmania Medical College.

A tense situation arose at the Osmania Medical College which made the authorities look at the precautionary measures like sanitizing the area. As a safety step, all the PG students were tested for the virus.

All the seven infected doctors were shifted to Gandhi Hospital for further medical treatment and the classrooms and labs where the medicos roamed were sprayed with disinfectant spray as a measure. The medicos were doing well.

The authorities are thinking of how about going with the exams which are supposed to get started from the 20th of June. Following the medicos getting infected with the virus, the Junior Doctors are asking to postpone the exams until the situation in the campus gets under control.
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