Ayushman Bharat Proves Useless For Pandemic Patients

Here's a shocking truth about the current pandemic rocking India. Only 5600 of the positive cases have so far claimed the Health Insurance schemes. The total amount claimed is less than Rs 70 crore. This comes to around Rs 1.25 lakh per policy holders. The country has till now recorded 1.80 lakh positive cases. This means that only 3.1 per cent of the patients have availed the insurance scheme.

Despite the massive publicity, only 2132 people have availed the Ayushman Bharat insurance scheme. The programme is meant for the poor and economically weaker families. However not many are able to use the scheme. Ayushman Bharat provides an insurance cover worth Rs 5 lakh per family per year for quality health care. The scheme is intended for 10.74 crore poor families. This comes to around 53 crore persons.

However, procedural issues, lack of knowledge and low insurance coverage have ensured that the scheme remained unused by most of the intended beneficiaries. Those availing insurance policies provided by other companies is also quite less.

Interestingly, health insurance sector is the only sector that has reported 6.2 per cent growth. Health now forms 37.9 per cent of al the insurance policies.
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